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Cookies store to buy an outdated biscuit machine consumer get 10 times the compensation

Ms. Chen, who lives in the city south of the evening of 22 in a supermarket spent 19 yuan to buy a big bag of crackers, but found its home after the production date of October 2013, the shelf life of one year, crackers has expired . Subsequently, Ms. Chen will find shops discussion to say,  biscuit machine the store offered to compensate a new package of cookies to Chan, Chan was rejected. Subsequently, Ms. Chen will this be reflected to the Trade and Industry.
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According to Ms. Chen introduced her to his son in the evening of 22 bought a big bag a total of five packages of crackers. "But back home, his son would open to eat." Ms Chan said, but Chan to let his son eat meal. After returning home husband discovered biscuits, took a look, suddenly found the production date is October 2013, the shelf life of one year, this large package of biscuits actually has expired. In this regard, Ms. Chen said he was very angry, and immediately took the biscuit find businesses. To the shop, the owner said to admit that he sold biscuits, but expressed willingness to re-Chan exchange a package, but Ms Chan said the denial, in the end they did not reach a settlement on the issue of compensation.

To this end, Ms. Chen will this be reflected to the business sector. biscuit machine  Business officers after receiving complaints, rushed the store, the owner admits to the business person they sold cookies. Business people in accordance with the new "Food Safety Law", requires stores to give Chan article 10 times the compensation, total compensation for 190 yuan.