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Cookies are healthy taste good biscuit machine Do not kid yourself it

Eating cookies to lose weight than to eat whole grains

The so-called cookies etymology is "twice-baked bread", from French-bis (again) and cuit (roasted) in the past. It is made of flour and water or milk, yeast and baked hold, due to its high portability often used as travel,  biscuit machine   sailing, mountain climbing when storing food.

Associate Professor of Food Science, Nutrition and Food Safety of China Agricultural University, Food Science Dr. FAN Zhi teacher told reporters that cookies are baked out, water can evaporate almost lost the. Up biscuit ingredients are carbohydrates, followed by the fat and protein. Carbohydrate content of between 55% -67% to 60% more. In other words, from the ingredients, they and biscuits, pie differences like little food staples, is a sugar + flour + oil produced food products. Therefore, we must reduce the staple food to eat the cookies.
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For some holding determination to lose weight, the biscuit as a staple of the phenomenon, Fan Zhihong spoke calorie biscuits are very high, even sugar-free cookies as well, far better than direct eating whole grains. Some girls to lose weight as a reason, with a packet of biscuits instead of dinner, there really is nothing in practice. She gets fewer vitamins and minerals, and low satiety, and heat, but no less, but also to eat the next meal come back up ...... Although a few biscuits added calcium, iron and other nutrients, the nutritional value other than biscuits slightly a little better, but definitely not a substitute for the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables and grains and beans, fish, meat, eggs.

Adults should not eat one day exceed 50g

Market spread to eat biscuits help prevent obesity, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and even some doctors direct guidance of diabetes, hypertension in patients with eating biscuits as a food supplement. For this view, Fan teacher said: "biscuit was not actually a healthy food can be beneficial to its low protein content of the main raw materials are refined white flour, oil, sugar, sodium bicarbonate, none of these things are beneficial. prevention of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease and stroke. Its moisture content is usually less than 5%, 95% of all fattening dry heat high, according to the same weight comparison, is much higher than rice and bread. In contrast, fruits and vegetables are more than 90% moisture content, 100 g of only a few dozen kcal of heat, and biscuits is 400-600 kcal, it had no need to count on their health, looking healthy and good taste rest assured eat cookies every day, in fact, the idea of ​​self-deception. "

Of course, cookies are not a scourge, and occasionally eat a little to eat or fun can be. Fan teacher suggested that daily consumption of biscuits every adult should be no more than 50g for good, really want to eat, then we would remember to eat less staple food of rice flour, cooking oil and then put less points, as a remedy. At the same time,  
biscuit machine   then effectively increase the movement, the excess calories consumed.