Biscuit production line

Indonesia imported food does not necessarily safety of imported biscuits excessive biscuit machine aluminum is destroyed

Excessive aluminum is destroyed

January 2015, Dongguan Exit Inspection and Quarantine in the country of origin is Indonesia 2  biscuit machine batches, 12.6 tons saltine crackers inspection process, we found an aluminum content of 660 ~ 1200mg / kg, exceeding the national standard 100mg / kg of use limited requirements.
biscuit machine
Aluminum on human health hazards has become an increasing concern, the National Health and Family Planning Commission to adjust the aluminum-containing food additives in May 2014 using the provisions, and begin to implement the May 24, 2015 "food additive standard" (GB2760- 2014) and more  biscuit machine stringent limit the use of aluminum. Dongguan, Inspection and Quarantine of the batch of substandard goods for destruction.