Biscuit production line

Instagram trafficking through face biscuit machine book and possession macaroons

Drug cartels and new tactics, this time the drugs incorporated into  biscuit machine the cookies and candy, then sell "poison cookies" and "poison candy" through social media outlets.

The police statement noted that the drug cartels in order to escape the discernment of law enforcement officers, the current switch to Facebook and Instagram convenience, trafficking into "food" and "poisonous biscuits" and "poison candy."
biscuit machine
Statement also said that drug traffickers simply through social media outlets, will be able to communicate with the buyer, after a deal by courier or postal company, the drugs arrived in the hands of buyers.

The police tried to persuade the parent or guardian of the child must always be concerned about trends on the Internet, if it is found that they have suspicious actions must be verified.

In addition, if the family received a packagebiscuit machine of unknown origin, also need to verify the current open.