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Auchan bought the biscuit actually biscuit machine expired purists insist consumers a lose ten

May 11 afternoon, I buy Auchan supermarket in downtown biscuits ready for a friend, after the selection, I bought 2 boxes of Cadbury milk chocolate biscuits, the price of 216.2 yuan. After returning home, I look closely, found biscuits production date is August 4, 2014, shelf life until May 4, 2015, that I bought has expired.

How supermarkets can have a shelf life of food sold to consumers?  biscuit machine This is so not responsible. Having identified the problem, I immediately return to the supermarket, and the supermarket responsible person theory, in accordance with the requirements of "a lost decade", but the supermarket just agreed to pay me 400 yuan. I think this matter is entirely the responsibility of the supermarket, it should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of "a lost decade" for processing, compensate me 2,000 yuan.

Soup sister Survey: informed of the situation reflects the very fact that after yesterday afternoon, Tom sister contacted the relevant person in charge of Auchan, which recognize the very fact that to buy biscuits indeed expired supermarket sales, supermarkets are willing to bear the responsibility. "After the event, we immediately launched investigations thing is due to omissions caused by supermarket staff work, there is no timely products under the expired shelf now has a comprehensive section expired cookie shelves at the supermarket, we will further urge employees strengthen the management of shelf goods on the shelves in time for the product to be updated. "
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Supermarket executives said that for this thing the supermarket attitude is positive, at the time, and the very fact that consultations are willing to pay 400 yuan compensation payments, but the very fact that does not accept, insisting that "a lost decade." "There is expired merchandise on the shelves, really the fault of the supermarket side, these responsibilities will be to the supermarket employees at every level head, compensation of 2,000 yuan is relatively high, we hope that the very fact that further coordination, reduce the amount of compensation." After Tang Mei coordination, supermarkets, said the very fact that they are willing to pay compensation to 1,000 yuan, if the very fact that insist on compensation of 2,000 yuan, then the matter will be handed over to the supermarket market regulatory authorities to deal with, the final results obey market regulatory authorities.

"'A lost decade' of the provisions from the" Food Safety Law "Article 96, its provisions' production does not meet food safety standards of food or knowingly selling does not meet food safety standards of food, the consumer to claim damages in addition to outside You can also claim the producer or seller to pay the price times the compensation. 'supermarket if you do not want "a lost decade", it must produce evidence to prove that they are not knowingly. "Zhejiang Jinkeqiao lawyer law firm DING poly analysts say, the supermarket side all the responsibility to their employees, in order to afford compensation for employees as an  biscuit machineexcuse to be justified, because consumers to supermarket shopping, is the occurrence of the trading relationship and supermarkets, supermarket is Subjective Act.