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Let us develop innovative biscuit machine responsibility regardless of the monkey biscuits

Consumers Lee bought a supermarket in Beijing, "Jiang Kou monkey biscuits," found that after eating the same as with ordinary biscuits, but also because of his excessive over-rely on this river, "mushroom monkey biscuits", but delayed the timely treatment and medical treatment, to his physical and mental hurt, so sue sellers Beijing Supermarket Chain Co., Ltd., the producer Jiangxi medicine Square food side eating food companies, biscuit machine advertising spokesman Xu Jinglei.

This message is one, immediately aroused wide public discussion in the media and Internet, once again the river diet pushed to the cusp.
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After the river since the end of 2013 to launch flagship diet stomach Regardless monkey biscuits, it has been related question, also raised on many occasions corrections and communication. For the prosecution, the river Group promptly issued a statement in support of the legitimate rights of any consumer behavior, but no real action, will pursue legal responsibilities.

Regardless monkey biscuits stomach it? Why is the river that pharmaceutical companies to sell biscuits? Regardless monkey biscuit production will continue forever? Reporters With these questions, the group went into the river. With personnel river Group Public Relations Division met and visited the monkey biscuits Regardless research later, the reporter got the following response.

Regardless monkey biscuits originally developed because the river group quickly discovered: in China, the release rate of the stomach up to 30%, hundreds of millions of people suffering from stomach problems. Where Helicobacter pylori is the main cause of stomach cancer, stomach cancer, the ratio of infection in the general population as high as 58%. The main treatment is currently stomach stomach triple therapy, but easy to relapse stomach, need long-term conservation.

"Support" means conservation with food. Jiang hopes will both delicious diet ingredients, pharmaceutical raw materials is hericium made biscuits, so that more people have stomach demands, not only delicious, enjoy more healthy. Jiang into the diet industry, we will persist with a sufficient amount of the ingredients to ensure product value; adhere to scientific compatibility, to ensure that product taste; adhere to the principle of origin purchasing ingredients to ensure product safety research and development and production.

Pharmaceutical companies uphold the spirit of the river myself, I have been convinced that the best medicine is compatible with ingredients from the best food that has its own value, focusing on scientific compatibility for diet food.

Meanwhile, the reporter also learned that the river Group hope everyone's attention the fact that concern the Group's innovation, rather than focusing on rumors. Regardless monkey biscuits from the river and put into production since the past two years, the river has been observed in the hospital doing research, creating superior products is one way consumers return the river. Jiang Kou in the spirit of monkey biscuits management, production for many years, biscuit machine research will continue for many years to observe attitudes towards product optimization. Even diet formula, needs to continue to improve its performance and quality.

Three into a tiger, Zhongkoushuojin, but good you know. Food safety problems in China growing moment, an innovative corporate social responsibility is integral to the whole nation a valuable asset.