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Drink Red Bull did not grow wings awarded biscuit machine eating biscuits invalid lookin

Consumers Lee due upset stomach after seeing advertising, in a Beijing supermarket to buy a certain brand of "monkey mushroom biscuit", found that after eating the same as with ordinary biscuits. Lee then submitted misleading advertising sued to require the brand biscuit manufacturer, sales units, endorsers Xu Jinglei times compensation payment totaling 7,830 yuan, and a public apology in the media. Recently,  biscuit machine the Haidian Court accepted the case (July 8, "Guangzhou Daily").
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"Monkey biscuits mushroom, Hericium made, stomach; eat a little in the morning, in the afternoon to eat a little." I believe many people can back this ad, especially those of the stomach would have been a problem of people, every day is "Raising stomach "biscuit advertising bombing, as inevitably as Lee, and ran its function of propaganda, buy a dozen, eat a little.

Clearly, companies vigorously promote the "stomach" cookies, to feed their families is not an ordinary function, but to tell consumers their own cookies which have a special stomach ingredient, suitable for human consumption, bad stomach. Compared to television advertising subtle propaganda line under the brand biscuits more explicit, bad stomach Lee is because in the supermarket to see the "new product mushroom monkey biscuit, a stomach biscuits, designed for stomach crowd design "propaganda, decided to buy a try.

In this case, if consumers eat 'stomach' biscuits, cookies and general I feel no different, it is reasonable to think that this is false propaganda, they may ask for damages. This aspect is not without precedent, Red Bull energy drinks in the United States and Europe is the slogan "Red Bull gives you a pair of wings," We understand that this is an empty slogan full of imagination, but American consumers have to sue in order to Red Bull On the court, he said he continuously drink Red Bull for many years, but did not grow wings. In the end, Red Bull agreed to people between January 1, 2002 2014 October 3 date in the United States bought Red Bull compensation totaled $ 13 million in damages, and finally the total number of applications for compensation in accordance with the calculated for each person deserves compensation.

American consumers did not drink Red Bull wings awarded, biscuit machine  chinese consumers eat "stomach" cookies did not effect whom? Blowing his own trumpet can, but not exaggerated, but not created in a vacuum selling, engage in false propaganda. Treat flicker consumer behavior, must not be tolerated, failing that, the daylight is exaggerated advertisements, the dark may be lowered quality standards, consumers suffering now!