Biscuit production line

Oatmeal cookies snack diet biscuit machine practices

Reduce fat gain muscle in the road you can not stop the pace.  biscuit machine But it is unable to control their love Chi Lingzui problems. Home on the weekends want to own a tailor-made biscuits. So it was born. Yeah, that's good for our group of friends to lose weight and muscle to do.

Taste good. (At least I like this. First off his mouth ah) look crunchy. I think it is crunchy inside, ah (I like this should not be an exaggeration to describe it) but not the cookies taste. Anyway, a word delicious
biscuit machine
Really very little oil. Brix is ​​also very good. Brown sugar can be replaced with sugar. But I prefer the brown sugar. Low in calories. It is the most important and oats with really good incense. Whole oats. Very healthy. When greedy to one. Absolutely no pressure.

I think this a little more roasted (how to distinguish? Darker color is ah) they do not scorch. Taste better

Although the text so much. Step so long. In fact, very simple really super. Forgive me too much nonsense. Described so carefully. Do not read. Quickly hands to do it!


Egg (normal size. About 50g)

Oats (Quaker Instant Oatmeal) 170g

40g honey

35g brown sugar

Milk 10g

Corn oil 10g

Oatmeal cookies snack diet practices

The eggs and mix (note not pass).

Followed by adding honey. Corn oil. Milk. Brown sugar. (Each added something to be stirred well then add another thing. The last brown sugar stirring until no large particles like)

Liquid addition was completed stirring oats. Stir. (More stirring it. Let the liquid to oatmeal wrapped more uniform)

Marinated oats can begin to put them pushing into it. Take  biscuit machine a teaspoon of oatmeal in the palm of them holds together. Try to compaction. Do 1cm thick enough. This recipe can be done about 30 small cakes. Good greaseproof paper pad into pan.

According to their own hands bread speed starts to warm up the oven. Preheated 180 degrees for 10 minutes. Preheat oven to 160 degrees repatriated. (Open the oven temperature will cool down quickly. So I like a bit higher preheat temperature) into the biscuit bake for 20 minutes. Out cooling Jiuhaola (according to their personality oven temperature adjustment time.