Biscuit production line

Baking those cookies your biscuit machine question has plagued articles

1, I must be in strict accordance with the formula of temperature and time to scones doing?

Different types of biscuits on the baking temperature and time requirements are different,  biscuit machine so different temperatures and times given in the recipe.

Due to the different oven temperature difference, it can not copy the temperature and time of the book provides. It is recommended every few minutes to view a biscuit, and then released a few minutes before the best to keep in front of the oven biscuits changes observed at any time. If the surface is rendered golden biscuit, biscuit and peeled off from the pan, see the bottom of biscuits also becomes golden yellow to explain baked biscuits.

2. Why I bake cookies a little soft, not crisp?

Fresh-baked cookies weak is normal, it will become crisp after cooling. If the cooling is still weak, indicating the baking time is not enough, the water is not completely dried. The solution is to bake the biscuits back into the oven a few minutes. If the biscuits have been deep enough color, but the cooling is still weak, it may be because the oven temperature is too high. This time to try to reduce the oven temperature to extend biscuit baking time.

In addition, the greater the thicker the dough, the harder it is to dry the water, the more likely bake cookies soft start. Conversely, the smaller the thinner the dough, the easier baked crispy biscuits. So, if you have been satisfying grilled taste no cookies, crackers will try to do small little oh.
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3, the same size of a baking pan of biscuits inconsistent influential?

Affected. To try to make the same baking pan biscuit consistent in size and thickness, so as to ensure even baking cookies, otherwise there will be some of them have burned, and some situations but not cooked.

In addition to size and thickness, spacing cookies baking dish should also be as consistent as possible.

4, one can bake several dishes cookies?

Most home oven is divided into several layers, but usually for only a bake cookies, crackers and down so as to ensure uniform heating, so that the baking achieve the best results.

5, bake cookies when we must greaseproof paper or oilcloth spread it?

There are some non-stick pan coating, you can not shop greaseproof paper or linoleum. Most of the other no-stick pan coating, in order to ensure post-baked cookies on a non-stick pan, you should shop greaseproof paper or linoleum.

The production of crackers, cookies, biscuits baked in order to facilitate the take down, even with the release of the baking pan, covered with tarps or greaseproof paper also recommended.

6, baked crispy biscuits how to save in order to maintain?

After baked cookies cooling if they are directly exposed to the air, it is easy to absorb moisture from the air, thus softened, losing crisp taste. So, after cooling to timely cookies in a sealed box to save. Able to do so, it can also put a few sugar cubes or a bag of desiccant in a sealed box to help absorb moisture in the air, to avoid crackers moisture.

Already damp soft biscuits bake for a few minutes (temperature can be set at 150 ℃ -170 ℃), can again become crisp.

7, homemade biscuits can be stored for how long?

Different types of biscuits, saving time is not the same. If stored in a sealed box, it can usually be stored for 1-2 weeks.

If you need to save more, can be sealed after the biscuit into the refrigerator freezer, this will save two months. When eating out in advance round warm biscuits. If cookies are not careful in the return temperature wet process, you can bake for a few minutes.

Of course, the impact of raw materials, temperature and storage conditions and other factors by the cookie shelf, can not be generalized. Homemade cookies should be eaten as soon as possible after the good, this is the best way to make your own fresh, delicious biscuits to eat.

8, reducing sugar cookie recipe, there will be much impact on the finished product?

Under normal circumstances, if you think the original recipe too sweet, it can be appropriate to reduce the sugar in the recipe, reduced by about 30 percent, have too significant impact on the finished product will not. However, we also understand that the sugar in biscuits, in addition to the role of sweeteners, but also affect the color and texture of the cookie.

Are simple examples and sugar in the butter, eggs and other wet ingredients are mixed and dissolved, can increase the degree of soft dough, reducing sugar after the dough, do something more. Especially when making cookies and other crowded flower extruded class biscuit feeling will be more obvious. In addition, because the sugar at a high temperature coking prone, during baking, high sugar content of biscuits is easier to color, easy to bake a beautiful color.

Meanwhile, sugar as an excellent natural preservative, the longer the higher the sugar content of the biscuit, shelf life, the less perishable.

In fact, not only is the sugar, an ingredient of any increase or decrease more or less influence on the shape of the finished product will be, but sometimes because of personal reasons, would this be a trade-off.

9. Why do I bake cookies surface very dark in color,  biscuit machine and color is very shallow bottom?

Generally because the oven temperature down the fire too different, in which case, if your oven can down the fire independent temperature control, and the surface color is too fast, it will lower the temperature a little angry; if the surface color normal speed, the bottom of the color is too slow, it will increase the number of primer.

Not down the fire individually controlled oven, the pan put a layer of down, or after the surface color, turn off the angry, has been baked into the bottom of the biscuit color.

Conversely, if the bottom of a deep baking biscuits color color, surface color is very light, then you can use the opposite manner.

Bake cookies, we may encounter a variety of situations, as long mastered the know-how, flexibility to adjust the baking mode, you can bake the cookies a success!