Biscuit production line

Yining City had a guy open biscuit machine cookie shop Iraq Elias

Elias, 26, Iraqi forces are the boss Yining Yili River Road White Yang Lijing a cookie store, through the efforts of his biscuit shop expanded from the original 20 square meters to 60 square meters now, the family has built a more than 300 square  biscuit machine meters of the house. Along the way, Elias said the Iraqi forces, efforts to pay in order to have success today.
biscuit machine
    Recently, the reporter arrived at the Gurkha praise its Subdistrict Moi grams community in Iraq Elias's home, a door, an aroma blowing, Iraq Elias and mother heat Neumann is in the yard bomb San son and Shaqima . Elias said the Iraqi forces, he was a teenager when he left home to go to Shanghai to learn to do the cake and desserts technology, and later working in Urumqi, and learn the techniques to make bread. Back Yining, the support of his family, he opened a cookie store, the main operating cakes, bread, biscuits and Uygur traditional cuisine. "My mother did the San children and Shaqima very tasty. Open this shop almost three years, my experience has been built up slowly."

    Heat Neumann elderly see the reporter interviewed his son is very happy, she said, looking at his son with craft willing to make money, she was very pleased, but also willing to help his son do whatever thing.

    Iraqi forces Elias said: "My sister also has helped me Kandian, we also recruited several apprentices, now individual apprentices have learned techniques to open his own shop, to make money through your hands,biscuit machine really happy taking advantage of the still young. I want to continue to struggle. "