Biscuit production line

Fun Science: Milk biscuits machine thrown nine ways

Twist, lick, dip, how many ways you have to soak Oreo (Oreo) biscuits machine it? Estimate does not several.
A small group of British children Surrey, Peter Bamforth took such a video to show how much he was in the end mastered ways to soak Oreo cookies, ah, that is, the biscuits thrown into a large glass of milk. Are you sure you did not Ghat skills?
First, in the studio of a long cast, into. Second, cookies wall bounce to the ground, and then rebounded into. Then he climbed upstairs, direct disregard distance and height, biscuits are thrown directly upstairs fell into the Milk Cup in.
In the video, a total of nine performances, a wonderful than the last, after watching the video you will be impressed by his skills. Peter was not the first to upload works, there are a variety Funny videos on YouTube, such as smoked fish face was.
We interviewed Peter learn more:
Q: How long it took you to shoot video?
A: Most lenses have spent a long time to put bits and furnished. There is a shot I threw out the biscuits from the shelf, fell and broke when this is actually my first attempt. While watching the biscuit and broke a little annoyed, but great effect on the video.
Q: How long have you practice this?
A: Four years ago, me and some of my friends took a cast of table tennis technique video, I guess you must think I spent a lot of time to practice, but I just suddenly thought of doing something different and interesting things, just Easter vacation I have a lot of free time, they shot this.
Q: What is your motivation for doing this is it?
A: I like to take some interesting unique little video. Cookies and milk are representative, why not experiment with this idea of ​​it? Small video is also very interesting, you happen to run a game biscuits machine are simply perfect timing.