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Cookies are not low-calorie sugar substitute biscuit machine used it to lose weight do not fly

Cookies once popular sugar substitute

In the Thai city of a supermarket, Anke pushing shopping carts loaded package on behalf of more than a dozen sugar cookies,  biscuit machine she says, is his to lose weight buy. "To see some sites recommend substituting sugar cookie diet, eating biscuits yogurt, can lose weight, I bought a dozen packs try. Say is relatively low calorie sugar substitute crackers, can effectively control the formation of fat." Anke He Says.
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In addition to weight control for young women, but also on behalf of some old sugar cookie "user." "My father has diabetes, generally can not eat sugary foods, to see some sugar cookies on behalf of advertising, said to be able to control blood sugar, to buy some food to his father, he was more recently greedy sweet food." Ting said.

In the supermarket to see, a lot of sugar cookies on behalf of the brand, its not add sugar, white sugar, glucose and other carbohydrates, but use maltitol, xylitol, acesulfame and other non-sugar sweeteners in place sugar, sweet taste of the food also has to meet the diabetes, obese people need to sweet.

"Substituting sugar cookie obesity and diabetes for human consumption, we put the goods are generally conspicuous place it some of it convenient for customers to pick." A supermarket salesperson said.

"Low calorie" do not fly more terrible additives
Cookies can not lose weight by substituting sugar

Substituting sugar cookie really advertised so magical? Does it really can control weight and blood sugar do? In this regard, the reporter interviewed experts in this area, to answer these questions.

"On behalf of sugar cookies, and does not add sugar, glucose and other sugars, but crackers or from starch and oil as the main raw material, starch eat into the body, into glucose, equal to, or eating sugar. Therefore, on behalf of the sugar cookies for weight control or weight loss claims are unscientific. "says professor of food science.

Main Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical College of Endocrinology  Hung also said that some generation of sugar cookies, although people with diabetes can be ingested, but not a lot of food. "Some sugar substitute or sugar-free biscuits, not added sugars such as sucrose, just add sweeteners to meet the taste, so people with diabetes can moderate intake of this type of cookie, but it certainly can not sugar, but also a lot of food or it will affect blood sugar. "

A nutritionist told reporters, whether it is to lose weight or hypoglycemic,  biscuit machine we need to follow an individual's physical ingestion of food. "Everyone body is different, different nutrients are needed, as the same disease, pathology may be the exact opposite is the same. Therefore, in the 'eat' this issue must not rely solely on a food, but to complete intake, conditional to be a specialist nutritionist, according to personal physical differences with food, in order to achieve weight loss results, while people with diabetes, the doctor must eat, do some advertising gimmick off the wagon. "