Biscuit production line

Milk salt sesame crackers tissue paper machine heart healthy snacks do

Soda crackers has always been seen as a symbol of healthy snacks, sugar, less oil is also full belly,
tissue paper machine
The key is to eat a few slices of crispy she  tissue paper machine will not let you lose weight keen to have the burden of heart!
Before you can create the Internet saw a lot of practice, and then make some adjustments according to their own experience;

Further production methods basically divided into two types: your bed and do not make your bed,

Today, here it is your bed in practice, although a little trouble,

But compared to the crisp open, where your bed is much more to be happy ~
Because there is no cream stuffed, and not so much the amount of shortening bread dough,

Simply roll out and then fold fold and then roll out,

Relatively speaking, it is a lot easier ~~~
By the way, the key is to do good last roll out dough must be thin enough to sufficiently uniform,

By comparison test ah ~ ~ ~

Cut and baked cookies will be thin and brittle.
According to their own taste preferences, then you can adjust,

Sesame seaweed is replaced by seaweed crackers,

Whole wheat flour is replaced with a full Maisu crackers,

Etc., Xpress ha ~ ~ ~

Recently it always rains, apricot-day momentum seemingly more powerful,

The weather is always rainy day, like, overcast,

Rookie pictures by day, as I

I want to shoot beautiful photos even  tissue paper machine  fantasy is not reported,

Tell me, barely look at it, I tried it ~~~