Biscuit production line

Chinese biscuit machine is just commercial gimmick

 Recently, some add medicine cookies frequently appear in supermarkets and pharmacies, although several times more expensive than ordinary cookies, but there are still some people who cherish the idea of ​​health care purchases. Price up to 100 yuan a box of biscuits if you really health cure it? Experts said it would add to the biscuit machine in medicines for treatment and not much use without blindly follow the trend to buy. (April 21, "Changjiang Daily")
I thought, "Chinese cookie" is just a commercial gimmick, its main ingredient is flour, add an amount less than the very medicine, even if the effect of the so-called function, it will not play much effect. And, if you eat "Chinese biscuit" can cure it, that is the effect of the drug, with no relationship biscuits, should immediately take medicine Well, then why bother it? Obviously, superstition "Chinese biscuit" treatment regimen consumers, but the lack of medical knowledge, be misled by the propaganda factory, spent a considerable price to do suckers.
Previously there Helvdoutang cure all diseases of the myth, once fooled countless people to follow suit, even the green beans on the market swept away, but the tireless efforts of the media exposure, medical experts to clarify bean soup cure all diseases, plus the management department of Zhang Wu punished according to the law, it will expose the myth of bean soup. There is no cure for drugs, but also difficult to cure the disease by eating biscuits.
Obviously, in order to see through the "Chinese biscuit machine" under the guise of health treatment is not difficult to see whether consumers can keep their eyes open, not easily fooled by advertising, but with common sense to judge can. As for the regulatory authorities concerned, but also the corporate advertisements to be verified, since "Chinese cookies" are used in the food label, it is attributable to ordinary food categories, not as a health food or drugs to sell, but can not promote health treatment effect.