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Jiang Kou monkey biscuits establish biscuit machine identity away from harm bionic marketing

"Stomach is not good, always uncomfortable, Jiang Kou monkey biscuits, Hericium made, stomach! Morning to eat a little, eat a little in the afternoon, Jiang Kou monkey biscuits, stomach! Enjoy healthy diet river." December 5,  biscuit machine   the major TV broadcast suddenly dense river monkey biscuits Regardless of ads, but consumers have found, it is still a monkey Kou Xu Jinglei endorsement advertising cookies with previous slightly different ads appear the one with the red earrings, wearing a red dress with big eyes monkey girl.
biscuit machine
Monkey girl, the river group as early as when the monkey biscuits named Kou had a good idea. Its brand image symbolizes: monkey aunt is a master cooking food, ingenuity, cute, and good at hericium made a variety of food and beverages, both delicious and healthy. She is not "monkey-head", not "monkey mushroom", but "Regardless monkey" is a cute monkey girl. Jiang move, not only for the rigorous honesty pharmacy for 40 years, focusing on 20 years of river nourishes Group to add a lively warm feeling, mainly to facilitate the consumers to identify authentic Regardless monkey biscuits, really eat healthy, but also to make their own Bionic away from hazards marketing.

In recent years, the "bionic marketing" in the food industry after another, after another! Popular counterfeit products, from packaging similar to a name like exhausted all efforts, "Kang Shuai Fu instant noodles, white Cola, mushroom monkey biscuits," and so the list goes on. To eliminate this phenomenon of counterfeiting industry, first the government needs to strengthen the regulatory responsibility, the relevant departments to strengthen the penalties for violations, increase administrative joint anti-counterfeiting efforts,   biscuit machine   there is a particularly important is the well-known enterprises to strengthen their own human rights awareness. Jiang Kou monkey biscuits on the new packaging added, "Regardless monkey" image is a very good human rights movement, the industry is worth learning!