Biscuit production line

Three biscuit machine platter: travel-owned dry food

 biscuit machine

Last weekend's trip to Wolong Valley, one day in advance to prepare the three different flavors of cookies, this little idyllic outing gentile Well
Backward destroyed a small basket child, extravagant large placemats, pack a flower turban.
Closer to home Ha, three biscuit machine are super troublesome color chess cookies, my favorite little oil hardness teething rings, very popular little coconut milk balls. (Saying I really thin gray consonance, invariably made coconut balls ~ :))
In fact, I do know that these cookies can not escape the fate of not divide us, but we also want to try this in
Poor husband, did not have the pieces, he said to protest. ^ _ ^
These types of biscuit machine that were in the original recipe, according to their own tastes made improvements, very good taste.
I introduced one by one to listen to it. The first is the two-tone checkerboard cookies, the production process and there is no difficulty, but more trouble.