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Up to a failure rate of biscuit machine percent of foreign food biscuit cereal and baby food problem

Honey wheat cereal, the total number of colonies exceeded, baby food vitamin content is less than the nominal value of the imported food ...... do not think that there is no problem, the situation Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently released to subvert your understanding. biscuit machine
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Yesterday, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine issued the first half of the Ningbo port imported food inspection and safety conditions. According to the Director of Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine of food at Guo Liping, this year from January to June, 9138 in Ningbo imported food batches, the value of $ 294 million, batch by 87.8%. Where aquatic products category, the largest share of dairy products, accounting for above 20%. The first half was 14.7% in substandard imported food, most cookies, cereals, baby food issues.

Reporter correspondent Zhou Yang Zhou Zhe

Ningbo people's favorite foreign food is aquatic and dairy products

More and more countries and regions to become China's imported food source. 2015 January to June, Ningbo Port imported food from around the world 63 countries and economies, an increase of 11.

And if it comes to the largest share of the four categories of imported food products, so were aquatic products category, dairy products, grains and their products, alcohol and so on.

Reporters learned that the four categories of goods imports accounted for 27.3%, respectively, in the first half Ningbo port all food, cosmetics imports, 20.7%, 18.8% and 14.3%. From the growth rate, in the first half of this year the fastest growing imported food type is dry nuts, imports increased by 8.4 times; dairy products, imports increased by 6.4 times; condiments, imports increased by 5 times.

From imported food source, the 2015 January-June, the largest source of imported food Ningbo Port is the EU imports $ 83,220,000.

The second-largest source of US imports of food and imports $ 45.2 million; and the third was in New Zealand, imports $ 33,720,000.

First half of the 46 batches of foreign food returned or destroyed

January to June 2015, through the efforts of front-line inspectors check Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine, and were found in all kinds of substandard imported food 1351 batch, unqualified value of $ 22 million, batch failure rate of 14.7 percent. Among them, there are 46 batches of imported food inspection and quarantine departments to be returned or destroyed for other 1305 batches of substandard food mainly Labeling problems after rectification re-inspection shall be imported.

Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau staff said, this is in order to effectively put an end to toxic and hazardous food into the country, to ensure the quality and safety of imported foods.

From 46 batches should be returned or destroyed substandard food situation analysis, poor quality of imported food categories mainly :( see below)

Quarantine out the first half of poor quality foreign food
Category returned to destroy the main source of the problem batches of substandard accounting
Biscuits, cereals class 16 batches of 3.2% moisture, mold, E. coli exceeded, detection of pathogens, beyond the scope of the use of additives, etc.

China Taiwan, Oman, Poland,

Spain, Israel
9 batches of infant food 2.8% did not get our quarantine access, β-carotene content is less than the nominal value, etc. Italy, the United States, Australia and other countries
7 batches of 0.3% alcohol range use of additives, add non-food substances, Italy, Spain and other countries
Beverages 1.5% 7 batches using unauthorized materials, beyond the scope of the use of additives and other China Taiwan, Japan, the United States

On a recent hot Japanese enzyme drink "black list"



On a recent hot Japanese enzyme drink "black list"

1. Spain Barn brand fruit cereal, muesli, cereal mildew exceeded grapes apricots

May 4, 2015, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine of the group of several weight from Spain to 560 bags / 560 kg of fruit cereal barn cards found mold when tested, excessive moisture; the number of weight of 560 bags / 560 kg Barn brand muesli when tested was found mold, coliform bacteria, excessive moisture; when the number of weight 756 bags / 78 kg of cereal grain barn licensing inspection found excessive moisture; the number of weight of 756 bags / 378 kg barn cereal brand apricot grape found mold when tested, excessive moisture; do not meet the "oatmeal class health standards" (GB19640-2005) limited requirements, be supervised returned.

2. The total number of Omani honey wheat cereal colony irregularities

May 18, 2015, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine of the batch number from Oman weight of 100 cartons / 2112 kg of wheat cereal honey when tested was found to not meet the total number of colonies "Cereal supplementary foods for infants and young children" (GB10769-2010 ) provides, be supervised returned.

3. Japan Ji fermented beverage plant enzyme illegal use of additives

May 21, 2015, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine of the group from Japan, the number of weight of 3-liter box /25.92 fermented beverage plant enzyme Ji inspection found violations cottonseed, turmeric, cantaloupe placenta, does not meet " New food safety review materials management approach ", be supervised destruction.

4. Italy Etruscan beer additives irregularities

May 18, 2015, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine biscuit machine  of the group from Italy, the number of weight of 25 cartons / 99 liters of beer during the Tyrrhenian inspection found that the additive does not meet the "People's Republic of China Food Safety Law" stipulates will be overseen returned.