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Milk perfect companion biscuit machine crude fiber biscuits

Modern science nutrition experts found that milk which is rich in protein, calcium necessary for the body as well as a variety of vitamins, long-term moderate drinking milk can not only beauty, but also can enhance physical fitness,  biscuit machine all-round promotion of human health. But experts pointed out that some people drink milk when eating other foods, this is a poor diet, because the fasting drink milk, there are many drawbacks, 73 percent of Asians have different degrees of lactose intolerance , lactose in milk can not be digested by bacteria in the gut break down and produce large amounts of gas, acid, stimulates intestinal contraction, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other adverse reactions.
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So, how is the best way to drink milk. Experts suggest that the best eating some cookies containing crude fiber before drinking milk. At present, the domestic food manufacturers specifically for this case, launched a "milk partner" cookies, biscuit with egg and wheat flour, wheat bran, oat processing by the post-modern high-tech means, both rich in a lot of edible crude fiber, but also to better promote than the average of crudebiscuit machine fiber foods absorb the milk protein and vitamins, while consumers can drink milk, milk while eating partner, make nutrient absorption fuller and more balanced.