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Qingdao eat cookies when a bus biscuit machine driver drove responded that hypoglycemia

Telecommunications network May 28 hearing board a pregnant woman found herself sitting on the wrong bus asked to get off, but the driver can not company policy to refuse alight; can not long after, the bus driver of the Qingdao High-tech fast lane but During the traffic started eating biscuits. Passengers Lee believes in dealing with the issue of pregnant women in this special class passengers, is not it should adopt a more flexible approach. 27 am, Mr Li to the telecommunications network (hotline 0532-80889431) reflects this.

"I was high-tech fast lane eight in the morning on the 17th sitting, the car did not go out a few stops, a pregnant woman found herself took the wrong train, it imperative to get off, but the driver did not agree." Lee said, she rides Jinsong from the broad road bound for the fast lane all the way to high-tech, the driver has to drive to the Red Island station, the pregnant woman was under the car. "At that time the driver said the company has provided,  biscuit machine not the site can not get off."

And Lee believes that encounter special situations such as pregnant women, the driver deal with the problem should be more flexible. "And when the driver is still driving eat cookies."

Lee told telecommunications network, since the company provides passengers can not get off the road on the way, the driver can not eat in the car, "the bus company certainly can not just ask passengers to comply, the driver can not comply with it?"
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Staff Qingdao Bus Group bus four teams of high-tech fast lane belongs tell telecommunications network, the pregnant woman is in the extensive road car terminus, found took the wrong train when traveling between business building and Red Island. According to the car's monitor display, then the driver does not agree with the requirements of pregnant women alight, but the car in accordance with the line open to the Red Island station.

Staff told the telecommunications network, the team also received a complaint afterwards passengers, but the driver of the parties explained that for safety reasons did not stop. The pregnant woman was also no symptoms, "If it is urgent emergency situation, the driver will obtain the consent of passengers to drive directly to the hospital."

For drivers in traffic on the way to eat biscuits problem, the staff also made to explain: "From the monitoring point of view, the driver was waiting for a red light gap after eating half a cookie as we know, the drivers have low blood sugar, then appeared. stomach pain, palpitation situation, so only at a red light when the mouth to eat dessert. "Staff said the driver of the bus earlier, sometimes too late to eat breakfast, plus a line of high-tech fast lane of the road is long,  biscuit machine it appeared this situation. "We will strengthen education for drivers and passengers, but also want passengers to understand the drivers work hard and difficulties."